AJW 109A Engine Washing System.

The standard system consists of two tanks. One 30 Gallon tank to hold water and one 30 Gallon tank to hold additional water or detergent.

Both water/detergent tanks can electrically heat up the water/detergent content through an On- Demand water/detergent heating system.

AJW 114C Engine Washing System

AJW-114C system has two filtration units. One which allows regular tap water to become 100% pure, mineral-free de-ionized water before entering the tanks and the other is to treat the effluent when collected by the recovery system.

The electrically driven pumps on the metal frame of the rig are capable of delivering up to 15 GPM of adjustable pressurized fluid into the delivery hoses.

AJW 1000 Engine Washing System

The AJW-1000 is an Engine Compressor Washing System that consists of two tanks; One 225 Gallon tank to hold water and one 65 Gallon tank to hold additional water, detergent or de-icing fluid.

AJW Effluent Collection System

Our "Effluent Collection System" is the only system in the world that collects all of the effluent coming out of the engine while performing engine compressor wash and conveniently fits in a carrying case.

AJW Universal Telescopic Injection Probes

The delivery hose on the injection unit can be coupled to a Y connection and then the Y connection coupled to both Universal Telescopic Injection Probes (UTIPs). The probes are entered from the back of the bypass duct and then held tight against the core case in front of the 1st stage stators ahead of the 2nd stage compressors. This ensures 100% water/detergent injection into the engine core

UTIPS and Effluent Collection System